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All models can be  tailored  either  in the  "  classic  coat  " style   or  in the " easy wear " style . Please mention the style  you wish to have in the section " other wishes "

Classic coat style = is  the same as for " human coats "  . The  underside  ( Breast and Belly ) closure can be done either  with Push Buttons  or Velcro ( you choose ) .   The  Classic  Coat style coat can be ordered with  or without  front sleeves . The Classic coat Style  is suitable for small dogs only , such as   ...   Chihuahua , Pekingnese , Havanese , Pug , Yorkie  and others..

Easy wear style = the coat is  Easy to put onto any dog   .   The  neck  will come  either with Push buttons or Velcro closure  ( you choose ) for comfortably wearing over the head . The underside (breast and belly  ) is  covered  .  A Belt  goes around the body and is closed with a Buckle.  The Easy Wear  style has a larger opening for the legs  . Easy wear style is suitable for small and big dogs or for dogs that cannot stand still while getting dressed  .

  1. Please do not add  extra  inches , because your Tailor  will  do this in order to allow maximum comfort .
  2. Standart  for  all coats  .: Opening at the neck for the collar ring +  " D " Ring .  If your  dog is wearing a Harness ,  we can add an opening - hole  for the " harness ring " . The underside on all coats is  done in  waterproof fabric .   If the coat is for a girl the belly is covered as much as possible . If the coat is for a boy the underside will be shaped accordinly .    After receipt of your order , we will contact you  by e-mail . 

                                  *** Your dog is unique and so should be its clothing ***