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Handknitted SWEATERS and Blanket

  1. Royalfifi offer a large choice for every taste  . New  creations are addet periodically .
  2. All Models are our own designs and cannot be copied.
  3. All Models are 100 % handknitted .
  4. Please do not add  extra inches to the measurements . We will  calculate the extra inches according to the thinkness of the wool and the patern and will allow extra space for comfort.

In the section .: Extra Wishes you may send us any additional requests , such as .:

  • Change of color ( most Models can be  done in any other color (s ) of your choice  )
  • Opening for the Leash or Harness  Ring ( how many inches from Base of Neck )
  • Tail piece ( especially suitable for dogs with long fur ) -  The Tail Piece is remoovable
  • Turtle Neck or Crew Neck ( how many inches Neck Length )
  • Buttons at the side or front or back of the Neck ?
  • any  requests  you might have , can be taken into consideration .

If you   wish  to  order for a bigger dog  , over 18  inches body length  or  for  dogs  such as  Doberman - Whippet  or similar , please contact  us  for a price quote .

                  We are  happy to help with any requests  you might have .  Your dog is unique and so should be the clothing .